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Pandora Ng

Mortgage Professional
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Suite 600, 1200 West 73rd Avenue
Canada - British Columbia,

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Pandora Ng

Pandora Ng has an extensive knowledge of mortgage financing. She has had over 20 years of banking

experience in Canada. She has also worked at two international banks. Her experience includes

residential, commercial and project financing. Her passion is to provide the best mortgage options to your clients and to assist in purchasing their desirable homes.


Pandora is now an independent Mortgage Broker. She can arrange the best mortgage to suit your financing objectives. The advantages of being an Independent Mortgage Broker are:


  1. To have access to various mortgage lenders.
  2. To have better options present to clients to choose the suitable mortgage financing.
  3. To be more accessible to clients via cell phone, fax and email. Meetings can even be set up late in     the evening to accommodate clients busy schedule or overseas clients.
  4. To look out for clients what their best options are when their mortgages are due to renew.

These are just a few points to mention. Please do not hesitate to contact Pandora for your mortgage

financing needs.

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