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Over the years, Lisabel has developed a unique artistic approach which embodies her passion for music and people. Today, she seems to be living in harmony with her creations that are very easily recognizable. Her past career in the composite materials industry brought her the knowledge to create and manage textures and explosive colors that are spontaneously noticed throughout her works. Born in Québec in 1968, Lisabel has contributed to the Montréal art scene through her life experiences, her creativity, and her knowledge.



Her first artistic accomplishments began twenty years ago, in Atlanta. This has been a turning point in her life as she left home to discover her various talents. Financially, Lisabel could not live only from her art at that time; consequently, she focused her efforts in the field she had studied in: composite materials. Even though she painted all these years, it was not until 2007 that Lisabel decided to pursue her dream of becoming an accomplished full-time artist.



Reception Hall
A concept merging arts and events, located on the edge of Lachine Canal, in the Griffintown neighborhood, which is emerging as Montréal’s next SoHo, Galerie LISABEL offers you a cozy and trendy ultra-contemporary 3,500 sq. ft. space. There, you can entertain and mark your corporate meetings, wedding parties, launches of all kinds or fundraisers in a friendly, inspiring and unique atmosphere. Reservation: 514-342-8411




With a lot of determination and perseverance, she fulfilled her dream when in 2007 she won the first Grand Prize in the Distinctive Technique of the 24th International Visual Arts, Sound and Light Gala Contest held by the Cercle des Artistes Peintres et Sculpteurs du Québec. Today, the contemporary artist develops her artwork in her 3,000 square feet studio, in Montréal.


Lisabel, as she is known in the artistic world, has exhibited her paintings at various prestigious galleries in Belgium, Saratoga Spring (NY), Denver (CO), West Bloomfield (MI), New Orleans (LA), Calgary (AB), Vancouver (BC), Saint-Sauveur (QC), Knowlton (QC), Montréal (QC) and its surroundings…

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