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Suite 320 - 638 Broughton Street
Canada - British Columbia,

Export Ventures Group Inc.


Export Ventures Group Inc. (“EVG”) is a leading export agency based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are currently focused on the export of Canadian grape wine, premium baby food and fresh wild seafood. EVG is a strong and diverse team of multi-lingual marketing, sales and international trade professionals bringing Canadian brands to Asia (with an emphasis on the Greater China Region) and other overseas markets.


Our vision is to create value and contribute to the growth of the Canada's export market, to serve as a cultural and business conduit for Asian buyers, and to empower and enable our team and business affiliates to create more value for themselves and their business.


Export Marketing System TM


EVG specializes in marketing premium quality brands to the Chinese demographics worldwide. EVG helps North American brands put together a strong export portfolio of products and services well-positioned for the tastes, preferences and cultural sensibilities of discerning consumers in Asia.


We use our proprietary Export Marketing System (EMS) ™ to help you create new revenue streams by preparing your company to directly target the Chinese-speaking population and effectively communicate your products, services or technical expertise.


Whether you're looking to reach retail, wholesale or institutional buyers or high-value investors, our proven EMS™ can help you target the Chinese population in North America, export to China or pursue a combination of both.

Localization and cultural-adaptation of your brand message is vital. A literal translation of your English marketing copy often makes no sense and fails to achieve its purpose. If you want to reach your company’s growth potential, the Chinese population cannot be ignored.


Our goal is to help you locate and connect with the most suitable Chinese in-market importer and distributor partner. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to create visibility for your brand targeting the ideal clientele and partnership demographics. For example, having a Chinese-language website and developing your Chinese social media presence makes your brand "visible" to the Chinese-language markets both locally and abroad and increases your chances of establishing an on-going export sales channel. 


If you would be interested to explore more about our company, please feel free to contact us.


For more information:


Alice Chen, CEO

Phone: +1 (604) 765-9966



Address: 320-638 Broughton Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 3K3

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