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Citywide Home Loans

United States - Colorado,
Greenwood Village
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Suite 400 East Tower - 6312 South Fiddler's Green Circle
United States - Colorado,
Greenwood Village

Citywide Home Loans

Citywide Home Loans is a Utah Corporation and is a privately held corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Citywide Home Loans is licensed/registered to do business in the following states: Utah, Idaho,  Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, and North Dakota. As a company in 2012, Citywide Home Loans closed 5,815 LOANS and FUNDED $1.2 BILLION in loans. Citywide is on track to double this production in 2013 as a result of staying focused on professional and quality service to it’s clients.


Citywide Home Loans offers a full range of home loan and commercial lending products and services.

Customers have the choice of conducting business via the Internet, or on a one-to-one base with highly

trained mortgage professionals, or a combination of both. Citywide Home Loans works for you! We offer

extremely fair and competitive rates and fees with the best possible service. Working with Citywide, you will understand why we have a loyal following of customers and real estate professionals. Give us a call today!

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