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#201 - 1367 West Broadway
Canada - British Columbia,

Bell Alliance

At Bell Alliance, we are a driven by the Relentless Pursuit of Great Services, Innovation and Contribution to Community.


Bell Alliance leads the legal industry and other businesses in innovation. We have been recognized by Adobe as “the firm of the future” due to the many the many steps we have undertaken to reduce the consumption of paper – not quite paperless but continuing our relentless pursuit to get there.


Let us worry about your legal needs, while you look forward to your new life in Canada.



 # 201 - 1367 West Broadway  Vancouver, B.C.

Canada, V6H 4A7
Tel :001-604-873-8723
Please call toll free: 001-888-577-9904
Company Website:

Immigration - Bell Alliance Immigration Inc.



Want to work, study, visit or live in Canada? At Bell

Alliance Immigration Inc., our certified immigration

consultants and affiliated lawyers advise you on the

immigration and settlement process acting as your representative for temporary and permanent

residency in Canada.


Our Services


  • Evaluation and recommendation of your immigration pathway
  • Careful completion, submission and monitoring of your application
  • Support and referrals helping you settle into your new home, community, school or workplace
  • Legal advice for immigration, real estate, estate planning and business law
  • Business plan development and consulting

 Ready to get started? Let us recommend a pathway and guide you through your immigration journey

towards a life in Canada. Contact us at


 Our law firm has an excellent reputation of  

 helping our international clients navigate

 their way into the Canadian marketplace.


 We use industry-leading technology which

 makes us one of Canada’s most paperless

 law firms. At Bell Alliance, we relish the

 opportunity to guide our clients in achieving

 goals, such as:


  • Buying Canadian real estate as a non-resident
  • Starting a business in Canada
  • Once our client gets Canadian Resident status, we help them with:
    • Wills and estate planning
    • Business succession planning

Interested in buying a home or starting a business in Canada? Have more questions? We are here to

 help. Contact us at





Non-Canadian Residents to Buy a House in Canada


Welcome to Canada!


Non-residents often buy homes or investment properties in

Canada and, particularly, in beautiful British Columbia. We

make this process easy and understandable for individuals

and corporations that want to participate in Canada’s real

estate market.


Mortgage qualifications in Canada are different for

non-resident buyers than for resident buyers. You should

consult with a lender or mortgage broker to understand the

qualifications for a non-resident buyer. You will also need to

open a Canadian bank account in-person and with identification acceptable to the lender.


Non-resident buyers do not need to be present in B.C. to execute closing documents. Your time is

valuable so we use paperless technology to streamline the closing process and help you complete your

purchase from wherever in the world you may be. Documents can be forwarded electronically and

executed in front of a lawyer or notary in most foreign jurisdictions. It is important that you make

arrangements for money transfer well in advance of closing.


Non-resident buyers should also consult with a Canadian tax professional to discuss tax treatment both

while you own a property and when you sell it. A non-resident owner of rental property will be subject to a

25% withholding on the gross rental income to ensure any taxes owed are paid. Administrative rules

require that the owner remit these amounts to the Canada Revenue Agency. A non-resident owner may

file a special form to have the withholding taxes reduced which, essentially, treats the non-resident as a

resident for the purpose of rental income. This form needs to be filed before January 1st of each year.


Wills and Estates Planning


For Bell Alliance clients that decide to become Canadian residents, we offer continuing support for your

families and businesses [business linked to Succession Planning].


The next step in your Canadian journey is to establish a plan for your family. Bell Alliance can help you

write and sign a will which ensures that your wealth is passed on to the next generation in the manner

you intended. We take this a step further and offer services as a wills executor as well as a

comprehensive estate administration practice which sees your will through.


 Starting a Business in Canada


Starting a business in Canada is one of the ventures you can undertake to speed up your immigration to

Canada. Our immigration specialists [link] work alongside of our legal team to help you setup a new

business or purchase an existing business. This often involves registering and organizing a company and

coordinating with a Canadian tax professional.


Ultimately, we want to make sure you are protected from as much liability as possible, and that your

business is setup in a tax-advantageous manner.


Once your business is established, our lawyers will help you prepare the business agreements your

company needs to operate. These agreements outline your relationship with your customers, your

suppliers, your employees and contractors, and your investors.


Business Succession Planning


Taking care of the next generation extends beyond wills and estate planning. It also involves business

planning. Do you have a plan for who will eventually take over your business? Do you have a plan for

retiring from your business?


At Bell Alliance, we work hand-in-hand with Canadian-resident business owners who want to make sure

that their hard-earned enterprises persist into the future. We often recommend you consult with a

Canadian tax professional during this process as there can be a number of tax benefits that you can pass

onto your family to reduce their financial burdens.

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