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Larry Brzostek

Broker/Associate for Resort Properties

Re/Max Alliance Group
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Re/Max Alliance Group

5140 Ocean Boulevard

Sarasota - Florida,
United States

Larry Brzostek

An oasis of leisure and pleasure, Sarasota rests on the Floridian West Coast, the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico gently gliding over the crystal beaches, cool to the touch.


Nestled in a spot unaffected by the winds of hurricanes for over half a century, Sarasota fosters culture—as seen in the ballet, opera, theatre, and the famed Ringling Museum of Art—and its charm can loosen even the most severe tension brought on by the stresses of work.


This vacation haven beckons all newcomers, but knowing all there is to know about Sarasota is something difficult for the average tourist; that’s where I come in. I’m Larry Brzostek, a former resident of the Jersey Shore residing here now for a decade.


I’ve gotten to know this city, and want to be your medium in knowing the depths of its personality, assuring you that the choice you make is the right one. I will help you wade through the waters, allowing you to test and decide what feels right—whether a condo on the key, a ranch with vast acreage, or a mansion rivalling Ca D’Zan—rather than blindly diving in.


Sarasota should be your choice, and I am merely here to aid in your decision making, by showing you the best it has to offer—and does it have much to offer—with its options open to your acceptance or refusal; but if you do find yourself seduced by the allure hidden in every facet of the city, I’m here to make sure your stay here is all you dream it to be, and could ever want, in either a retreat from a cold and stressful time or a home that never fails in welcoming and enchanting you each time you walk through the door. I merely hope you experience the magic of Sarasota in all of its splendor; that’s my job.  

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